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Our Ethos

Aspire, Believe, Achieve


Aspire - “Direct one's hopes or ambitions towards achieving something.”


Believe - “Trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.”


Achieve - “Successfully bring about or reach a desired objective or result by effort, skill, and courage.”

School Sports Coaching (SSC) would like every young child to aspire to greatness, to have a goal or target in which they strive towards daily, no matter how big or small  that may be. We hope and envisage that the services and skillset we provide here at SSC will enable your child to believe that they can reach their own personal goal. SSC is an inclusive company where we strive to include activities for every child, no matter what their needs are. Many of our coaches are experts in differentiation and each task or activity is suited to the needs of every child. 


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