Holiday Camps - Bradford

October Camp

We will be running our October camp in the same way we did our Summer camps this year and only accepting full week bookings. This will help us ensure the safety of children attending our camp. However, we are aware some of you may not want your child to attend a full week, so you are more than welcome to only send your child on the days you need. Please see more information in our COVID-19 Measures below which will continue to be in place for the foreseeable.

Monday 26th - Friday 30th October

Waiting lists are available for any cancellations

Venue: Thackley Cricket Club, Thackley, Ainsbury Ave, Bradford BD10 0TL

For boys and girls, aged 4-13

Full day - 8am - 5pm

Short day - 9am - 3pm


Per long day week £85 

Per short day week £60


COVID-19 Measures

The following terms and conditions will be in place on our Bradford holiday camps this year*;​


  1.  Following the latest advisory guidelines, we will be accepting full week bookings up to a max of 30 children per day to ensure we have the same group of children. There will be two 'bubbles' of 15 children, which will stay consistent throughout the week. Note: we are aware you may not want your child to attend a full week, so you are more than welcome to only send your child on the days you need within the week(s) you have booked on. Please just make us aware of this beforehand so we know.

  2. We have a detailed risk assessment of the venue and camps in partnership with Thackley Cricket Club readily available to all our customers. 

  3. There will be hand washing procedures in place which will be observed and monitored by staff before, and after each sporting activity.

  4. All surfaces will be sanitised before and after snack, and lunch breaks. We will also have a numbered seating plan to maintain social distancing inside the venue.

  5. Contactless signing in and out will be in place. 

  6. We ask you all to please refrain from sending your child to one of our camps if they are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms. A refund will be issued should this be the case. 

  7. Finally, your child will have fun! Despite the circumstances, fun has been, is, and always will be at the forefront of SSC's mindset when running our camps, and we know that we can provide that now more than ever! 

*Leeds venue bookings differ, please check page for more info.