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Our School Services

PPA/PE Lessons


A service we are passionate about at SSC is the National Curriculum for Physical Education and our team of qualified coaches can help your school in the delivery of this. We will work alongside your school to help achieve your targets and we are adaptable and flexible to be able to meet your needs.


As our staff are professional and experienced in the delivery of Physical Education, you can rest assured that we will not only meet your needs and targets, but we will surpass them and help your school enhance its provision.


In 2013, the National Government introduced a new funding stream entitled: The School Sports Premium. This is a big responsibility placed on the shoulders of the school and SSC is here to help you achieve and surpass those targets.


Breakfast clubs


Evidence has suggested that increasing a child’s physical activity levels prior to a school day can enhance their learning.


Our ‘Aspire to do Better’ sessions before the school day starts and actively engages a child’s mind and body.


The sessions run for up to 60 minutes and will improve the participants agility, balance, coordination, team skills, communication, punctuality and leadership skills.


School Sports Coaching (SSC) offers a fantastic school programme which includes services such as: 


  • PPA & PE lessons

  • Breakfast clubs

  • Lunch clubs 

  • After school clubs


Lunch clubs 


Our Lunch Clubs are an ideal opportunity for children to engage in physical activity and enhance their skill set with other children of varying ages.


Our ‘Believe in Yourself’ sessions are ideally tailored to maximise the time spent during the lunch break. The sessions can be adapted to your lunch time arrangements and will increase the confidence of participants as well as improving their agility, balance and coordination, team skills, communication and leadership skills.



After school clubs

Our after school clubs provide the perfect opportunity for those children who are looking to engage in further physical activity as well as providing an ideal solution for those parents who are looking for that extra hour of childcare help.


Your child will simply stay at school and be taught new skills by a qualified SSC sports coach.


Our ‘Achieve Greatness’ sessions will provide the participants with the perfect opportunity to learn new skills and develop existing ones in a range of sports and activities. It is entirely inclusive and aims to enhance the ability of each and every child.

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